Monday, 5 March 2018

Prismacolor on Wood!!!!!!

Hi dear crafty friends!!!!
I´am here again  with a new project to inspire you!!!!
I just love trying new things and achieving some good results, like this project here.

My inspirational tribute was Tinchy Ustvarja, best known to everyone as Tina Makuc, you can see HERE her facebook post.

So one day I bought in my local store two beautiful wooden slices to be able to also experiment with my Prismacolor Pencils ... And you know what??? Simply fabulous!!!

And this is the result:
For the skin I used the darkest color of my selection, that is, I started with "SEPIA - PC 948" mixing with "SIENNA BROWN - PC 945" and immediately switched with "PEACH - PC 939" finishing this mixture with the "CREAM - PC 914". And I will repeat these same colors with more intention to increase all the pigment that I can. In the end I use the awesome "BLACK - PC 935" to intensify my shadows.
For the hair I will use three colors, the BLACK - PC 935, SIENNA BROWN - PC 945 and the CANARY YELLOW - PC 916. And this is undoubtedly one of my favorite combo combinations for the hair of my Tilda´s and almost always I use them.
For the dress I use "CARMINE RED - PC 926" and again the CANARY YELLOW - PC 916. And what a stunning result that simply made the dress and all the other colors more intense, giving it the depth I wanted.

I finish with the outline, and I always leave it to the end. I use the combination of five colors: "PEACOCK BLUE - PC 1027, BLUESLATE - PC 1024, SKY BLUE LIGHT - PC 1086 and GINGER ROOT - PC 1084".

Now my image has created more definition and depth approaching what we call 3D. If we use dark colors and lighten them as we move away from our drawing line we will be able to highlight the image of the paper or material we choose to use. And I'm sure quite pleased with the end result. I hope that I have inspired you ...

I send wishes for love, joy, and crafty inspiration!!!!
♥Irene Mendes♥ 

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